Can you help me fill out my claim form?


Yes, We can offer you assistance and advice on filling out your insurance claim form.

Will you do Minor Repairs


We understand that our customers like their car to look good all the time and sometimes you get the small bump. At Soper’s we treat the small job the same as the much larger ones

Are you able to repair Hail Stone damage

YES. We are able to repair hail stone damage with the tools we have in ourfully equipped workshop.

Can you do Major Repairs

YES ..With our fully equipped workshop we are able to look after just about allrepair jobs from the smallest to the much larger

Are you able to do Paintless Dent removal


We are able to offer the paintless dent removal service for all sorts of jobs from simple to the difficult

Can you fix my Windscreen


As part of our automotive repair service we are able to replace or repair your windscreen

Do you offer Free Quotes


We offer obligation FREE quotes on work that is bought to us at our workshop.

We also have an estimate form you can fill in online however this is only an estimate as we have not seen the vehicle.  Obligation FREE quotes (conditions apply)